PDA-LH Series Light / Horns

Brand: Precision Digital Corporation

Precision Digital offers three different light configurations in its line of Light / Horn devices. 

The first option is a factory ordered Light / Horn with a color of either red, green, yellow, blue, or white. 

The second option is a Light / Horn the user determines the light color (red, green, yellow, blue or white) by connecting the appropriate wire. 

The third option is a Light / Horn with red, yellow, and green layers the user can turn on independently. 

The light on the Light / Horn can be wired to flash (not available on PDA-LH5C) or stay steady on and the horn is rated at 85 dB. 

The light and horn can be controlled independently of each other via separate relays on the Precision Digital meter; and since the meter's relays can be reset in a variety of ways, there are several ways the Light / Horn can operate. 

For instance, the horn can be programmed to silence at any time via the Reset Button or F3 front panel button (on ProVu models), and light to turn off automatically when the alarm clears.
  • Single Lights Available in Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, or White
  • Units with One of Five User Selectable Lights Available
  • Units with Three Layered Lights Available
  • Light / Horn Powered Directly from Meter
  • ProVu Meter Can Have up to 8 Relays to Drive Variety of Light & Horn Configurations
  • ConsoliDator+ Can Have up to 10 Relays to Drive Variety of Light & Horn Configurations
  • Light / Horn Programmable for Variety of Reset Functions, Including:
    • Silence Horn at Any Time
    • Light Stays on Until Alarm Clears
  • Light Can Be Wired to Flash (Not Available on PDA-LH5C) or Stay Steady On
  • IP 65 Rated
  • 85 dB Horn
  • Operates from -40 to 40°C (-40 to 104°F)


Light Colors

  • PDA-LHR: Red
  • PDA-LH3LC-RYG: 1 layer each of red, yellow, green (consult factory for other colors available).
  • PDA-LH5C: User selectable: red, green, yellow, blue, or white
  • PDA-LHW: White
  • PDA-LHB: Blue
  • PDA-LHY: Yellow
  • PDA-LHG: Green

Light Action

  • Can be wired to flash (not available on PDA-LH5C) or stay steady on


  • 85 dB


  • IP 65

Light / Horn Independence

  • Light and horn can be controlled via separate relays

Power Requirement

  • 40 mA at 24 V
  • 900mW

Transmitter Power Supply

  • 200 mA

Reset / Silence Button

  • NEMA 4X; may be wired to F4 terminal on ProVu. F3 front panel button can also be used to reset relays.

Reset Button Labels

  • The Light / Horn accessory comes with 9 pre-printed message labels the user can affix under the red button: RESET, BATCH, ACK, TARE, SILENCE, STOP, START, PAUSE, START/STOP

Light / Horn Mounting Connection

  • M22

Hole Sizes

  • Light / Horn: 0.875" (22 mm)

Cable Length

  • 3.28 feet (1 meter)

Operating Temperature Range

  • -40 to 40° C (-40 to 104° F)


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