MOD-LH Light / Horn / Enclosure Modification Series

Brand: Precision Digital Corporation

The MOD-LH Series is available in three different light configurations.

The MOD-LH can be powered from the ProVu’s 200 mA transmitter power supply with enough power left over to drive most transmitters.

When MOD-LH is ordered, the accompanying enclosure on the order comes with the holes pre-drilled for the Light / Horn and the Reset Button and the user performs the mounting and wiring.

Meter and enclosure are sold separately. The Light / Horn and the Reset Button can also be ordered as separate items and the user performs all hole-drilling, mounting and wiring as desired.
  • Holes Drilled for Light / Horn and Reset Button in Enclosure
  • Single Lights Available in Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, or White
  • Units with One of Five User Selectable Lights Available
  • Units with Three Layered Lights Available
  • ProVu Meter Can be Equipped with up to 8 Relays to Drive Variety of Light & Horn Configurations
  • Light / Horn Programmable for Variety of Reset Functions, Including:
  • Silence Horn at Any Time
  • Light Stays on Until Alarm Clears
  • Light Can Be Wired to Flash (Not Available on MOD-LH5CB1) or Stay Steady On
  • IP 65 Rated
  • 85 dB Horn
  • Operates from -5 to 40°C (23 to 104°F)


Recommended for These ProVu Models

  • PD6000
  • PD6001
  • PD6100
  • PD6200
  • PD6300

Light Colors

  • MOD-LHRB1: Red
  • MOD-LHGB1: Green
  • MOD-LHYB1: Yellow
  • MOD-LHBB1: Blue
  • MOD-LH5CB1: User selectable: red, green, yellow, blue, or white
  • MOD-LH3LCB1-RYG: 1 layer each of red, yellow, green (consult factory for other colors available).
  • MOD-LHWB1: White

Light Action

  • Can be wired to flash (not available on MOD-LH5CB1) or stay steady on

Light / Horn & Reset Button Installation

  • When MOD-LH is ordered with an enclosure, the user performs installation and wiring of Light / Horn and Reset Button in pre-drilled holes


  • 85 dB


  • IP 65

Light / Horn Independence

  • Light and horn can be controlled via separate relays

Power Requirement

  • When mounted remote: 24 VDC
  • No additional power required when wired to a ProVu meter.

Transmitter Power Supply

  • 200 mA

Power Requirement (MOD-LH & MOD-LH5CB1 models)

  • Green: 15 mA
  • Yellow: 23 mA
  • Blue: 15 mA
  • White: 42 mA
  • Horn: 20 mA
  • Red: 17 mA

Power Requirement (MOD-LH3LCB1-RYG)

  • Red: 34 mA
  • Green: 29 mA
  • Yellow: 33 mA
  • Horn: 38 mA

Reset / Silence Button

  • NEMA 4X; may be wired to F4 terminal on ProVu
  • F3 front panel button can also be used to reset relays.

Reset Button Labels

  • The Light / Horn accessory comes with 9 pre-printed message labels the user can affix under the red button: RESET, BATCH, ACK, TARE, SILENCE, STOP, START, PAUSE, START/STOP

Light / Horn Mounting Connection

  • M22

Hole Sizes

  • Light / Horn: 0.875" (22 mm)
  • Reset Button: 0.630" (16 mm)

Cable Length

  • 3.28 feet (1 meter)

Operating Temperature Range

  • -40 to 40° C (-40 to 104° F)

There are a wide variety of ways these Light / Horn devices can be controlled by the ProVu’s two, four or eight relays to satisfy visual and audible alarm applications. Please feel free to contact Precision Digital tech support to discuss your particular application.


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