PDA2800 Series Low-Cost Plastic NEMA 4X

Brand: Precision Digital Corporation

The PDA2800 series of economical small footprint plastic NEMA 4X enclosures provide a convenient way to mount one or two Precision Digital meters to walls and other vertical structures. 

The PDA2811 enclosure also has room for a light / horn accessory. These enclosures come pre-cut with horizontal 1/8 DIN cutouts or they can be ordered with no cutouts. Models with cutouts for PD420 are also available. 

The PDA2801, PDA2802, and PDA2811 are provided with a ½" conduit hole in the base of the enclosure. 

The meters are mounted in the cover of the enclosure thus allowing for programming and operation of the meter. No additional mounting hardware other than screws is needed. The cover is secured with four screws. 

Optional pipe mounting kits are available for mounting the enclosures to 2" pipes. 

Enclosures, meters and accessories are ordered and packaged separately.
  • House up to 2 Meters
  • Plastic
  • 1/8 DIN Cutout(s) Pre-Cut
  • 1/2" Conduit Hole on PDA2801, PDA2802 and PDA2811
  • NEMA 4X (PDA2801, PDA2802 NEMA 4)
  • Meter Mounted in Cover
  • Cover Held in Place with Screws
  • UL, C-UL Listed
  • PDA2801, PDA2802 Mounting Holes Through Enclosure
  • PDA2811 - PDA2821 Mounting Hardware Provided
  • Light / Horn & Reset Button
  • Pipe Mounting Kit Options


Conduit Hole

  • One 1/2" Conduit Hole

Enclosure, Body Material

  • ThermoPlastic Polyester

Environmental Protection

  • PDA2802: NEMA 4
  • IP66
  • PDA2801: NEMA 4X


  • Houses 1 or 2 meters

Meter Mounting Method

  • Through cover

Cover Mounting Method

  • Screws

Operating Temperature

  • -40 to 120° C


  • 1 year

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